The Ministry of Fools

word charm stamped brass necklaces - assorted words

Words of my choosing in my original style of stamped necklaces. I first made these at The Steelyard in Providence, RI with scraps of brass from the scrap bucket and I cut out the blanks using a jump sheer (think a giant metal sheer where you have to put your full body weight on a pedal to cut metal). It resulted in a very chunky and imperfect style of word charm. I eventually switched to a more uniform and dainty style with pre-cut brass blanks and tinier letters. Looking back at some of my original designs I realized this chunkier, messier, more imperfect style is better suited to my aesthetic. This is a brand new batch of word charm necklaces in the very first style I created them in.

I hand cut each piece of brass before stamping them. It's a labor of love, but I adore the finished result.

Necklaces all hang from vintage brass chain and range from 15" - 17" in length, please send me a note at checkout if you have a preferred length, otherwise it will ship on the chain it comes with. Necklaces are finished with gold-plated brass spring clasps.