The Ministry of Fools
$32.00 - $76.00

Snapdragon skull earrings - bronze

Snapdragon seed pods look like tiny skulls! I've been dreaming of casting these for years and am beyond excited with how they turned out!

I cast these in three sizes: small, medium and large. For people who currently have or have had stretched ear lobes (or just can't wear heavy earrings) I recommend the smaller sizes, the lighter weight skulls will sit more up right in your lobes.

Also - single options now available if you feel like rocking just one!

Snapdragon skulls are cast in bronze, but ear wires are all 14k gold-filled.

If you need to bend the ear wires slightly to adjust how these sit in your ears you can, but I recommend adjusting them once and then leaving them as excessive manipulation of the ear wires will eventually cause them to break. Adjust with you fingers only, applying light pressure.

*I'm modeling the small size in the fifth photo