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Papier-mâché snake earrings

Papier-mâché snake earrings
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I created small clay creatures as my molds for these tiny papier-mâché projects. They involved so much trial and error and many failed first attempts. Each failure bringing me closer to my own ability to create the magic I envisioned. After all but ruining my clay molds I finally figured out how to wrap them so I could remove the papier-mâché once it dried.

These are slow, meaningful creations. They won’t be offered often and while I may create similar art again they will all be one of kind.

Snakes for transmutation. Snakes for ritual wear. These are big and bold. They hang down past the tops of my shoulders.

I intentionally left the backs of these exposed and unpainted (except with clear varnish) to show off the fact that they're papier-mâché.

These are delicate little works of art. DO NOT GET THEM WET.

Although these are sealed with a varnish, they should not be exposed to any moisture and should not be stored in direct sunlight.

Tiny sculptures hang from 14k gold-filled earwires.

Places to wear them: gallery openings, art class, museum visits, safaris (if it's not too humid), a wine tasting, tea parties, first day of work at Etsy, ballet recitals, the Madhatter's house, broom making workshop, to hang out with the cool Aunty, botanical gardens, topless pagan gatherings around a bonfire in the woods.

Places not to wear them: saunas, the beach, the shower, yoga class, running a marathon, making out in the rain with your lover, to bed, the Matterhorn ride at Disneyland, competitive jump roping competition, Crossfit, deep sea diving, succumbing to the depths of a peat bog.