The Ministry of Fools

Frozen charlotte doll charm necklaces

From Atlas Obscura:

"The doll’s origins—as a German bath-time novelty, meant to float in a tub—were innocent, but its arrival in the United States, in the mid 1800s, coincided with the popularity of a morbid song. The story goes that Maine writer Seba Smith stumbled upon a newspaper story that recounted how a young woman froze to death in her carriage on the way to a ball. Hit with inspiration, Smith, who is also known as the first to record the word scrumptious, scribbled a poem on the theme. Published in 1843, A Corpse Going to a Ball described how on a frosty night, a young lady named Charlotte refused to wear a blanket over her fine clothes. When they arrived, her more-bundled-up beau found her frozen to death in the sleigh.

The poem was a hit, as it touched on the dangers of vanity and not listening to your parents. Set to music, it became a popular ballad. When Americans first saw the hard, white bisque dolls, the association with the unfortunate Charlotte must have seemed obvious. They began referring to them as Frozen Charlottes. Sometimes sold for as little as a penny, Frozen Charlottes (and the occasional male Charlie) were made by the million."

Our resident sorceress, Sarah Quenon, performed an immediate exorcism on these Charlotte dolls upon their arrival and now they are definitely not haunted, just a little creepy. Though who among us isn't?


Charlotte dolls are cast in brass and measure 1" tall.

Charlotte dolls come on 22", 20" or 18" vintage brass chains with brass lobster clasps.

Please specify your desired chain length at check out. If no chain length is specified we will default to 20".