The Ministry of Fools

Cast-in-place Teal Sapphire ring

You've wandered off The Ministry grounds and made your way to a sea side cliff. Just as you think you've finally found freedom, a sea witch rises up from the thrashing tides and says she has come to collect her yearly sacrifice. Just your luck. Not wanting to reside yourself to the ocean floor you hand her a curious object, a sparkling bluish-green sapphire ring, not unlike the waters of her home on a calm, clear day. Success! You've appeased the witch and are free to continue your journey. Fare thee well, intrepid wanderer.


Cast-in-place is a method of setting a stone prior to the casting process. This ring features an American-mined Teal Montana Sapphire cast directly into a brass ring that our resident alchemist, Sarah Quenon, hand sculpted and carved from wax.

Teal Sapphire ring measures size 5.25

Please see FAQs page if you have questions about wearing brass rings.