The Ministry of Fools

Cast-in-place Pink Sapphire ring

You're wandering through the enchanted forest of The Ministry grounds, outside the stone fortress walls. It's a sunny fall day and sunlight is filtering in down through the tree onto the moss carpet of the forest floor. The Empress from the Major Arcana appears to you from behind some trees. She hands you a shimmering pink ring that glitters in the sun and tells you that any time you want to return to the forest, all you have to do is wave your hand over the stone three times and a pathway will appear. This is clearly no ordinary ring. Wear in good health and keep it close to you for resilience and strength of heart.


Cast-in-place is a method of setting a stone prior to the casting process. This ring features a Pink Sapphire cast directly into a brass ring that the Empress's apprentice, Sarah Quenon, hand sculpted and carved from wax.

Pink Sapphire ring measures size 6

Please see FAQs page if you have questions about wearing brass rings.