The Ministry of Fools

Bronze sword I

I don't recommend wandering the halls of The Ministry without a weapon, you never know what creatures may be lurking. One night I was doing my rounds as security guard when all of a sudden a yeti appeared from around a corner and startled me half to death. I valiantly drew my sword to defend my honor (I mean, to defend The Ministry), but it turns out the yeti was just lost and looking for directions. I pointed him on his way and continued my nightly duties.

Still, you can never be too safe.


Reproduction of an antique (1800s) Chinese Sword Trade Marker from the Hunan Province in China. Converted into a pendant and cast in bronze.

Sword measures 4" long and hangs from a 31" long vintage brass chain. Chain easily slips over the head so there is no clasp. Please message our shop apprentice, Sarah Quenon, if you'd like to have a clasp added to the chain.