The Ministry of Fools
$148.00 - $308.00

Poppy seed pod talismans

Solid bronze poppy seed pods // Underworld guides

How did I find myself working for The Ministry you ask? It happened suddenly, but also not suddenly at all, you know what I mean? There I was, happily making jewelry in my quiet little studio, and the next thing I knew I stumbling down a rabbit hole. I fell for quite some time, past where any light could reach. Once I regained my footing and dusted myself off, I began to make my way down a long dark corridor. I came upon a heavy, solid oak door. With much effort, I was able to budge it open just enough to slip into what appeared to be the undercroft of a large stone castle.

Something stirred in me upon first entering what I now know to be "The Ministry". I could sense that I was at a crossroads. I was facing the choice to press on and commit myself to the Great Unknown, or to return to what was safe and familiar, so into the unknown I went.

Of course, little did I know I'd be captured in a hostile takeover and relegated to various posts at The Ministry for what appears to be an indefinite period of time.

But I'm learning much along the way.

At first they were going to send me to live in the dungeons, but I told them I was a jeweler and a metalsmith and might be of some use to them. I created these poppy seed pods as an offering to my new monarchs.

The mere creation of them begged a sort of underworld journey of me and now I offer them to you as your own underworld guide.

Wear them as a necklace, use as curtain ties, affix them to your belt or sash. Persuade a king to grant you clemency. Journey to the depths and back.


Chains for large poppies are 2mm 26" 14k gold-filled chain with 14k gold-filled lobster clasps.

Chains for medium poppies are 2mm 24" 14k gold-filled chain with 14k gold-filled lobster clasps.

Chains for small poppies are 1.7mm 24" 14k gold-filled chain with 14k gold-filled lobster clasps.

Medium and large poppies each weigh 24g

Small poppies weigh 10g

They are all solid bronze.